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Building Skills for Life

Our Toddler swimming program is designed to safely introduce toddlers and parents to a life around water. Our Toddler program focuses on water familiarization and aims to educate parents in water safety, awareness and survival skills in and around water.

With our highly, trained and qualified teachers, relaxed atmosphere and state-of-the-art heated saltwater magnesium pools, there is no better way to introduce your little one to the water; all while creating that special bond between you, and your child.

Our toddler programs are designed for children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years and are split into three different levels:

Toddler beginner classes 6 months to 18 months.

Toddler advanced classes 18 months to 3 years old.

Toddler transition classes from 2.7 years old*

*This is a specialised class designed for toddlers currently in our Toddler Advanced class who have been identified at being ready to join an independent class but are not yet 3 years of age

Toddler Beginner

Our Toddler Beginner program (6 months to 18 months) is designed to help your child develop awareness and confidence in and around the water. Using fun activities that focus on mobility, movement and survival, children are taught the basic fundamentals of water safety in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

The next certificate level is a

Main skills achieved:

  1. I am now 18 months old and ready for more independence.
  2. I am ready to paddle and kick around the pool.
  3. I am getting stronger and more confident in the water.
  4. I am ready to play and splash with the big kids.

Toddler Advance

Our Toddler Advanced program (18 moths - 3 years old)  builds on the foundations learnt in our Toddler Beginner program. With a greater emphasis on independence, this program is designed to further enhance skills such as kicking and floating all while continuing to develop your child’s confidence and independence in the water.

The next certificate level is a

Main skills achieved:

  1. I am now ready for independent swimming lessons.
  2. I am learning to fully submerge.
  3. I am listening and waiting for jumps.
  4. I am balancing on a noodle independently.
  5. I am monkey crawling independently.
  6. I am learning to be safe in the water.
  7. I am relaxed in my back float.

Toddler Transition

Our Toddler Transition (2.7 years - 3 years old) program is the first step towards independent swimming without the help of a parent. Designed for Toddlers that are starting to show signs of independence, our Transition classes are capped at a maximum of 3 students with a greater focus on initiating independent movements and developing a streamlined body position in the water.

The next certificate level is a

Main skills achieved:

  1. I am now in a class on my own.
  2. I am now able to blow my bubbles.
  3. I can enter and exit the pool safely.
  4. I am ready to learn my paddles and kicks.

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