Adult Swimming Lessons

Always wanted to learn how to swim?

Salt Water Swim School offers Adult Swimming lessons for all ages and levels, from Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced.

Whether you are a complete beginner or want some stroke correction, the team at Saltwater Swim School is here to guide you every step of the way.

So, if you want to build your confidence in the water or simply want to improve your fitness or technique, we have a class to suit your needs!

Whatever your goal is, we can help you achieve it!

For more information, click on one of our location tabs below and one of our friendly staff will be in touch to answer all your questions.

Adult Beginner

Main skills achieved:

  • Able to breath in a constant rhythm.
  • Torpedo for 12m.
  • Swim 12m freestyle breathing to the side.
  • Streamline back kick for 12m.

The next certificate level is a ADULT INTERMEDIATE

Adult Intermediate

Main skills achieved:

  • Swim 25m freestyle with correct technique.
  • Swim 25m backstroke with correct technique.
  • Swim 25m survival backstroke.
  • Scull/tread water for 90 seconds.

The next certificate level is ADULT ADVANCED

Adult Advance

Main skills achieved:

  • Swim 50m Freestyle & Backstroke.
  • Swim 25m Breaststroke.


Point Cook Adult Classes

Monday 7.15pm & 7.45 pm Beginner & Intermediate
Tuesday 9.30 & 10.30 am
7.15pm, 7.45pm
Beginner Only
Beginner & Intermediate
Wednesday 7.15pm All Levels
Thursday 9.30 & 10.30 am
7.15pm, 7.45pm
Beginner Only
Beginner & Intermediate
Friday 7.15pm Intermediate Only
Saturday 3.45pm Beginner & Intermediate
Sunday 1.15pm Advanced Only

Bacchus Marsh Adult Classes

Monday 7.15pm
Tuesday 7.15pm & 7.45 pm
Wednesday 7.15pm
Thursday 7.15pm & 7.45 pm
Friday 7.15pm & 7.45 pm
Please refer to newsletter for pricing.