Adult Only Enrolment Form

Point Cook

Learn to be confident in the water, start freestyle arms and work on independent streamlined kicking on their back.

Learning side breathing with freestyle and backstroke, being able to swim 25m without stopping in both these strokes

Learning Breaststroke and lap swimming improving on endurance

Medical Authority and Terms & Conditions Agreement

1)Fees must be paid in full prior to the commencement of each term program.

2)In the event of enrolment cancellation after the Term has commenced, a deposit equal to 2 lessons will be charged and is non-refundable.

3)In the event of absence, make-up lesson/s are available and must be made up within the same term, this is subject to availability, there are no credits or refunds on missed lessons or unused make-ups.

4)Should a make-up class be booked but not attended, the lesson is therefore forfeited.

5)To prevent the spread of cryptosporidium and illness, if a child has suffered from gastro, vomiting or stomach upsets please keep them home from swimming, and we will attempt to find make up classes for them when they are well.

6)Saltwater Swim Schools reserves the right to change instructors or move students if the need arises. We do, however, strive to maintain consistency where possible.

7)As a respect of privacy, photography is not allowed, unless consent is given by other swimmers and management.

8)Participants are not to enter the water prior to their lesson starting until directed to do so by their instructor. All swimmers must also exit the water when directed to do so by their instructor.

INDEMNITY CLAUSE (please read carefully)

Saltwater Swim Schools (“SWSS”) takes no responsibility or liability for accidents or injuries that occur within or outside the swimming school premises.

I hereby indemnify Saltwater Swim Schools, it’s owners and employees of SWSS, and hold it harmless against all loss or damage that it might sustain from any accident, sickness or injury that might occur whilst on the SWSS premises.

I consent for the staff at Salt Water Swim School to provide medical assistance as deemed necessary in the event of any illness or accident which may occur whilst attending the swimming school and agree to meet any medical expenses incurred.

I have read and fully understand the Medical Authority, Make Up Policy, Indemnity and Terms & Conditions of lesson enrolment and I agree to abide by all of its conditions noted above.

Clear Signature